Bata Bui

The Beginning and Some Background

I had never thought of a staff before.

I am reacquainting myself with the dragon that has been with me since I was a child. He has stayed with me all this time even though I didn’t talk with or listen to him for years. I guess he thought I was worth waiting for and I am glad he did.

I call him Puff – his idea not mine. He reminded me that when I was little, I would play on the swing set, sitting on the top and “riding” Puff. Yes, it came from the song, I loved Peter, Paul and Mary as a kid I still do! I remember that all my friends wanted horses, I wanted a dragon.

When I began work at TMCS Puff came back to me full force. I started reading books about Dragon Magick and that is when I noticed that he was reading over my shoulder. It was startling at first. He would let me know what he agreed with in the book and what he didn’t. At the time we had a small dragon that was hanging out with us. I had borrowed an I-ching and Oracle card set from the Witch store in town. When I open the box to look at the set the little one scared the bejeebers out of me. At first, he looked really happy and then he looked scared and then angry. I tried to work with the I-ching set but I never was able to get comfortable with it or the dragon that protected it. I found out later that the woman who had it before had given up all of her craft items because her new husband didn’t like them.  I never found out the little dragon’s name, he mostly stayed in the box. The night that Puff was reading over my should the little dragon came out and sat with us but the poor thing was so uncomfortable that he couldn’t concentrate. I think he tried but I don’t know enough to make him comfortable and happy. The I-ching went back to the store. Maybe someday I will try again.

As I was reading the book the staff came up. I had never thought of a staff for magickal use. Puff seemed very interested in the staff and we read it a number of times. Puff never tells me what I need to do but he is good about pointing out what might help me, a staff would help me.

Every couple of days I fill the bird feeders that I have in the mulberry tree in the yard. When filling one bird feeder I would always balance myself by touching a branch by the feeder. Sometimes it was just a light touch and others it was a hang on because I was afraid that I might fall. Russell told me that he was going to have to trim some smaller branches from the tree as he was afraid, they were causing some problems for the larger branches. He is in charge of the trees; he has done the research and they are his project. My job with the trees is to sit under them and collect leaves in the fall. I went to do some errands, when I got home, I saw the branches on the ground. It always makes me sad when we have to take the branches from the trees. I started helping Russell pick up the branches to put in the truck so that he could take them to have mulch made when I saw a stick. I knew the stick was my stick and I had to keep it and figure out what it was.

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A bird perched on a tree branch

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The Walk Through

The first thing I did with the stick is to hold it and try to figure out why I had to have this stick. I took out Russell’s belt knife and began to take the bark off. I took off the small branches and some of the nubs. I worked on the stick every night for a week taking the bark and nubs off. Every night when I was finished, I laid the stick on a silver tool chest and let it soak up the moonlight, during the day it stayed on that tool chest to dry in the sun’s light. It took me a month before I started sanding. My stick was drying nicely. Now I had to look up how to make a staff, walking stick or whatever it was going to be.

I sanded the stick every night for a month. The grain is very small in Mulberry trees so the stick doesn’t have a texture like hard wood, it is a beautiful yellow with a very light brown grain. I began the sanding with a medium grit sandpaper to get all of the rough off the stick. I went to a fine sandpaper and then to a very fine sandpaper until my stick was silky to the touch.

At this point I began with the tung seed oil. To preserve the color and the grain. Tung oil also has a natural property that keeps wood from rotting and keeps the moisture from staying in the wood, so warping won’t happen. As you can see from the photo my stick is a bit bent but the curve works for me! It took two weeks to do the tung seed oil properly. It was hard to find pure tung seed oil. I had to order it from the Internet as there were not any stores that carried it in my area. When you use tung seed oil you have to mix with a solvent such as mineral spirits. The mineral spirits help the wood to dry and the tung oil to penetrate the wood better. I started with a 7 to 3 ration of mineral spirits to tung oil. Every two days I would take the mineral spirits down and the tung oil up until I got to 100% tung oil. I used the pure tung oil for three days before calling it good. I sanded the stick one more time with an extremely fine sandpaper and then began to embellish the stick. It was also at this time I decided I couldn’t just call it stick. It is a beautiful shade of yellow but yellow stick didn’t seem right either. So I looked up yellow stick in Gaelic and the stick’s name became Bata Bui (bawta bwe).

Mulberry is a very special wood. It is gender fluid, it can be female then male and back to female again. There can even be male and female flowers on the same tree! This makes for a very complicated tree and wood. The correspondence of the Mulberry tree include but is certainly not limited to, divination, wisdom, wholeness, healing, comfort and the will. I took this all in to consideration when deciding how to embellish Bata Bui. Puff had a few things to suggest as well, bells there had to be bells! There are three bells and four strings of beads that are shades of purple. Three of the bead strings also contain one owl each. The fourth bead string has a bead that my daughter gave me when she was a child.

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Bata Bui is my beautiful staff that is full of energy from what it is and what I have given it. We are becoming very close as it stays on my headboard when not in use. I always wondered why a straight stick got that bend. I know now!

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I will be blessing and consecrating Bata Bui at the next full moon, to give it the power of moon magick as well as its other properties.


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Macha is the third Goddess of the Morrigan. She is a Goddess of sovereignty which means just like Morrigan and Badb She is attached to the land. She and Morrigan are associated with fertility and transportation to the Otherworld, where their sister, Badb, asks the souls if they want to stay in the Otherworld or be reborn. She is also associated with horses, kingship and war.

             Macha has three incarnations in the Celtic myths. First, she is a Goddess of the Tuatha De Danann, second a Warrior Queen and third a Faery woman who marries a widower.

            As a Goddess of Tuath De Danann she was the Sun and the Land. Her husband gave her a field of her own. As she went to look at her field, she could only see blood, battle and carnage. This was too much for her and she died of a broken heart.

            In her second incarnation She was a mortal Battle Queen. For years three kings ruled together changing positions every seven years. Before the beginning of her father’s reign he drowned. Macha went to claim the crown and was denied by the other kings. She did not accept this and went to war and won the crown. Seven years later the sons of the kings came to claim the crown. Macha told them since she had to fight and win the crown the treaty was over, and they would have to battle to take the crown. The sons gathered their armies and took to the battlefield. That night Macha came to each son starting with the youngest, seduced them and bound them with her magick. She then took all the sons and compelled them to build her fortress.

            The third reincarnation of Macha is probably the best-known story. As a Faery woman she came across and very sad widower. She moved in and kept his house. His fields became very fertile and life was good. Her husband was leaving for a fair, Macha, very pregnant told him not to tell anyone of her and their life. He agreed and set off to the fair. But as men do when the drinking begins her husband bragged of his wife and how she could out run even the King’s fastest horse. The King hearing this ordered that Macha be brought to the fair to run a race with the horse. Macha’s labor began as she was lined up to race the horse. She begged all the men there to stop the race, but none would help her – not even her own husband. Macha ran the race and won but at the finish line she gave birth to twins. She cursed every man at the fair that when they needed their strength the most, they would have the pains of a woman’s labor for five days and 4 nights. That is how the Kingdom was lost.

            Working with Macha today will give you access to her wisdom, her abundance and give you the strength you need to be what you need to be. She is the Goddess of the Sun, Horses, Battle and Sex. Macha is a part of the Morrigan.


Color – Red, Dark Brown

Herb – Vervain, Oats, Coltsfoot

Stone/Gem – Garnet, Clear Quartz, Citrine

Moon Phase – Full Moon, Waxing Moon

Sun Phase – Midday, Summer, Hrvest Festivals

Animal – Horse, Crow


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            Badb is a part of the Triple Battle Goddess known as the Morrigan. She causes fear and confusion to the enemy so that they defeat themselves. Badb is the Battle Crow or the Boiling Cauldron. She is a Goddess of sovereignty, life, transformation and death. She can change the direction of a battle, predict the deaths of significant persons and tell how ugly the carnage will be when the battle is finished.

            As the Harbinger of Doom Badb is usually seen as a warrior, taking part in the battle. She takes the form of a Hag to predict endings and beginnings. During one battle she sent a cloud of fire and rain to keep the enemy soldiers from resting for three days. When the cloud lifted the side she picked to fight with easily took the enemy as the confusion She created caused them to fall on their own weapons. As the Battle Crow she flies through the battle field and tells her story of death and carnage to the enemy soldiers.

            When working with Badb be ready to face your darkness and accept that it is a part of you and the balance you require. She will help you face your inner battles as well as the battles you face on a daily basis. She will teach you to confuse your adversaries and find your truth. As the other parts of the Morrigan she can be a harsh Mistress and will always expect you to be at your best when doing your work.

            After battle the Sisters of the Morrigan clean the field. They turn to scavengers and eat the flesh of the dead until they have the soul. The souls are then transported to the Otherworld where Badb gives each soul the choice of staying in the Otherworld or being reborn. The choice belongs to the soul. If the soul agrees to be reborn it climbs into the cauldron and Badb watches as the Soul is reborn to a new life.


Color – Red, White, Dark Blue

Herb – Juniper, Holly, Solomon’s Seal

Stone/Gem – Onyx, Jet

Moon Phase – New Moon, Waning Moon

Sun Phase – Dusk, Winter, Fall

Animal – Crow, Wolf


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Branwen is the Goddess of Love and Beauty. She is the daughter of Penardin and Llyr, sister to Bran the Blessed, The Mother of the Future King. Branwen fell in love was betrayed by her half-brother and then her husband. Wars were fought and most died. Branwen is said to have died of a broken heart. Branwen is the Center from where all Came. She can see the greater picture of what is come. This seems to be both a blessing and a curse.

Matholwch came to Wales to ask for the hand of Branwen. Bran the Blessed was confused by this as the Mother of the Future King had never married a foreigner. Branwen was brought to Matholwch and was instantly in love with the beautiful red headed man. Bran agreed to the marriage and a celebration ensued. The men of Ireland and the men of Wales hunted together for days, it seemed there would be peace in the region. Matholwch was pleased that Branwen would give birth to the Future King as the custom for his tribes was to fight for the right of Kingship. Matholwch hoped that this would be the end of the blood feuds and the fighting for the right to be King.

Sadly, this was not be – yet. Efnisien, Branwen’s half-brother was not pleased that his sister was married to a foreign king. Efnisien maimed all of the horses of the Irish. A battle began and was only averted when Bran gave the Irish King the Cauldron of Rebirth. The Cauldron could bring the dead back to life, Matholwch was warned not to use the Cauldron indiscriminately. Matholwch and Branwen sailed to their new home. There they were happy for a few years; they were in love and had a child.

            Some of the people who had the King’s ear thought that he should punish Branwen because of her brother’s actions. Matholwch listened to these people and gave in to their demands. He set Branwen aside, she became a kitchen wench and was beaten almost every day.  Branwen found a dying starling and nursed it back to healthy. She remembered her brother, Bran the Blessed had taught starlings to talk and follow directions. Branwen began teaching the bird to talk and telling it how to get to Bran. When the bird was healthy enough it left Branwen to find Brand and tell him of Branwen’s punishment. Bran was very upset and went to Ireland to rescue his sister. There was a huge battle with losses on both sides. Matholwch did use the Cauldron and the soldiers who were brought back were difficult to manage. Efnisien sacrificed himself, by walking into the cauldron as a living being destroying the cauldron and the warriors it created effectively ending the war.

            Branwen died of a broken heart from the grief from her half-brother and her husband’s weaknesses. The Goddess Branwen could have been based on a real woman of ancient times. There is a grave associated with Branwen. When it was excavated there were urns of human ashes in the grave.

Goddess Chart

Pantheon – Celtic

Animals – White Raven, Starling, Dove, Sparrow

Consort – Matholwch

Colors – White, Silver, Green

Crystals – Auamarine, Rose Quartz, Emerald, Peridot, Coral

Direction – East

Element – Air

Planet – Venus

Tree – Elder, Birch

Plant – Foxglove, Blackberry

Symbols – Cauldron, Cup, Starling, Waxing Moon


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            Arianrohd, the Goddess of Transition, Reincarnation, Primal Feminine Power. Through Her power over transition and reincarnation gives Her the power over fertility and childbirth. She is known as the Silver Wheel, Silver Circle, Fruitful Mother, Star Goddess, Sky Goddess and is also considered a Moon Goddess. Arianrhod is a virgin Goddess in the old meaning and not the chaste meaning of the word. She can be vindictive and has a difficult time letting go of the past actions of others.

            Arianrhod, the Virgin Goddess, virgin meaning a woman onto herself, in no need of a man for protection or livelihood. She enjoyed sex and was quite wanton – especially loved the Mermen that visited her island. Her castle was on the revolving island of Caer Sidi. When the island sank Arianrhod and all of her household sank with the island. Being a virgin Goddess Arianrhod was brought to King Math, her uncle, to be his footrest as he was obliged to rest his feet on a virgin when not in battle.

            Gwydion, Her brother, brought her to King Math to be his footrest. King Math had a magickal staff that would prove or disprove Her virginity. As Arianrhod stepped over the staff she gave birth to Dylan. Dylan was of the sea and quickly went back to the sea. The other that was born was hidden by Gwydion. Gwydion was convinced the second child was his son and took him as raised him as such. In the Old Welsh tradition only the Mother of the child could give him a name, weapons and pick his bride.

            When Arianrhod found out about the child she forsakes him and denies him a name, weapon, and a bride. Gwydion tricked her three times to give the child a name, Llew Llaw, weapons, which she gave to a boy she didn’t know who turned out to be her son. Her curse of not giving him a bride of the races of the earth was thwarted by Gwydion and Math who created Bloduwedd from flowers and plants. With all three curses broken Arianrhod fled to her island never to leave again.

            There are other stories of Arianrhod but this is the best known story. Although it was probably written by the Christian Monks of Wales so that young women would be caste and know if they weren’t, they would spend their lifetime alone. Many of the stories of the Celtic Goddess and Gods have been lost to the rewriters of the stories who have a different outlook on what God is supposed to be.

            Working with Arianrhod can be difficult as She is one who does not suffer fools or the lazy. If you work with Her you must always be moving forward. She is the Goddess of transformation and transition and she will not allow you not to move forward. Conquering or failing a challenge does not matter it is that you have tried and will try again if you fail. She wants you to accept new challenges and make the best decisions for you. Arianrhod will help you grow and succeed if you give the work to Her and Yourself. She does not put up with laziness or I can’t statements.

            Arianrhod is a Virgin Goddess of the Moon. She goes by many names and will help in many areas. She will help you create, learn and take you to the Otherworld when it is time.

Goddess Chart

Symbols – Silver Wheel

Bird – Owl Spiders are also associated with Her as she is a weaver of Fate

Plants – Ivy  Birch

Colors – Silver, White and Green

Day – Monday

Planet – Moon

Moon Phase – full

Time – Midnight

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Cerridwen the Celtic Goddess of transformation, rebirth and inspiration.  She is a Mother and a Crone. We don’t know Her parents or Her origin but we do know Her name comes from the Celtic word cerru which means cauldron. The cauldron of Cerridwen symbolizes transformative power, magic wisdom and creative inspiration.

            Cerridwen’s story is that of a mother who worries about her ugly child and wants to give him great intelligence to balance his ugliness. The potion she makes takes a year and a day to make and can only be used once. The boy who was in charge of continually stirring the cauldron accidently got three drops on his finger, the potion was hot, and the boy stuck his finger in his mouth to cool it. Cerridwen realized what the boy did and wanted him dead. Cerridwen, being a shape shifter turned to a greyhound, the potion gave the boy the power to shape shift as well. She chased him until he turned himself into a kernel of corn, She turned herself into a chicken and ate the boy.  The kernel lodged in her womb and she gave birth nine months later. She could not bring herself to kill the child She bore so She wrapped him a leather bag and threw him in the river. He survived and grew to be the great poet Taliesin.

            Cerridwen’s origins are unknown, lost like many other ancient Celtic Gods and Goddesses. Cerridwen’s husband is Tegid Voeland and Her three children are Creiwy, Morfan and Taliesin. Cerridwen’s strengths include Her wisdom, power and resourcefulness. Interference in Her children’s lives is a weakness all mothers have to deal with. She is also a Crone. The traits of the Crone are compassion, transformation, healing, bawdiness, death and endings. As a Shapeshifter Cerridewn has the ability to change not only her physical body bout She can easily adapt to the environment by changing Her behavior no matter what form She takes.  

            The cauldron is the center of the stories of Cerridwen. She stirs her cauldron to keep the inspiration brewing. She keeps the divine knowledge and the eternal cycle of birth, death and rebirth within her cauldron. Without Cerridwen and her cauldron the balance that is life and death would be shifted.

            Cerridwen goes by many names. She is the Dark Moon Goddess, the Great Mother, the White Lady of Inspiration and Death, Goddess of Nature and the Grain Goddess. She is also the Underworld Goddess and the Keeper of the Cauldron. If its time for change or transformation in your life call on Cerridwen as She will help you let go of the objects, people and circumstances that no longer serve you.

            Cerridwen is the Celtic Goddess of Transformation. She is an agent of change. In Her cauldron She keeps what she needs to inspire, give knowledge and wisdom to those who ask. In the Welsh and Irish cultures, She is seen as an emblem of wisdom and rebirth, a woman of great magickal power. Cerridwen’s stories are more about her children than Herself.

Goddess Chart

Pantheon – Celtic

Element – Earth

Colors – green, silver and black

Symbols – cauldron, pig, hen, grain, cave

Animal – greyhound, otter, hawk, pig, hen

Day – Monday

Planet – Moon


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Most of what we know of Rhiannon comes from the Welsh folklore book The Mobinogion by Lady Charlotte Guest. She tells the story of Rhiannon and Pwyll, their love, his foolishness and their son. Known as the Celtic Moon Goddess Rhiannon was born at first moonrise. She is the daughter of the Faery King and the Queen of Gwent. She is also known as the Great Queen. Her name may come from an earlier Celtic Goddess, Rigatona, whose stories have been lost.  Rhiannon is the Goddess of horses, birds, strategy, the moon and transformation. She may be related to the Gaulish/Celtic/Roman Goddess Epona.

            Rhiannon is an Otherworld woman who has a strong political mind. She understands strategy and is able to get what she wants and need through patience and intelligence. This is demonstrated in the story of how she and Pwyll became lovers. She rode past him and didn’t stop until he asked her to stop. She told him that all he had to do was to ask. She then told him she loved him and wanted him and only him but sadly she was betrothed to another that her father had chosen for her. But, Rhiannon with her sharp mind and understanding of the workings of her father and the court came up with a plan. When that plan came to fruition Pwyll almost blew it by telling her suitor that he could have whatever he wanted. Of course, the suiter chose Rhiannon. Once again Rhiannon had to come up with a plan that would fit the needs of the people involved. Wrongly accused of killing her son, Rhiannon without a defense, patiently carried out her punishment knowing that the truth would always come out. Her punishment was to become a beast of burden. She was made to tell about her “crime” to all that came to the castle. She carried out this punishment for seven years until her son came to the castle and she was exonerated.

Rhiannon is a strong-minded Otherworld woman. She is intelligent, politically strategic, beautiful and generous. She understands that the truth will always come out and that we need to be patient for positive changes to occur. Rhiannon teaches us patience, truth and love with these things we can create change. Call on Rhiannon to help with positive change. She will help reveal the truth. She will also help with prosperity, fertility and self-confidence. With Rhiannon’s teachings all things are possible!

Goddess Chart for Rhiannon

General – Wind, gates, the number 7

Animals – horses, songbirds, dogs, puppies, hummingbirds, dragons

Plants – all white flowers, rosemary, sage

Scents – lavender, sandalwood

Metals and stones – crystal quartz, bloodstone, moonstone, silver and gold

Colors – white, silver, gold, red, dark green

Element – Earth

Planet – Moon

Moon phase – waning


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The Great Queen, The Phantom Queen, The Morrigan, these are the names of the Celtic Goddess Morrigan. Sadly, there is not much information about Morrigan as much of the Celtic mythology has been lost to us over the centuries. We do know that she was the Water Goddess, gave Monarchs’ their power and She was a shapeshifter. Morrigan may have even lent Herself to Morgan Le Fey in the Arthurian Legend. 

            Morrigan’s name translates to Great Queen or Phantom Queen in Old Irish. Mor is great and rigan means queen. Morrigan is associated with birth and death. It is not known if Morrigan was married or associated with any man or God. Some say She was married to Drugh and gave birth to Adair. There are other scholars who say She was never married but did have her son Adair. Others say it was one Her Aspects and not her directly who had a marriage and a child.

            The Morrigan is the name that has been given to the Celtic Triple Goddess. Anu the aspect of Morrigan that is associated with fertility, cattle, war and prosperity.  Anu also comforted the dying on the battle field. Badh, the Crow, the Prophetess. Badhu was also called the Battle Crow. She would be shift into her crow form prior to the battle or circle the battle. In her female form she would join in the battle and kill with her sword and magic. After the battle Badha would guide the souls to the Otherworld. Macha was the aspect of the Morrigan that is associated with wars and sovereignty. The Morrigan, the Goddess Morrigan.

            Morrigan, the Water Goddess ruled over the rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. If one was to see an old washer woman at the edge of the water washing armor, as CuChulaine did, death on the battlefield was inevitable. She was associated with the land because of her ability to shapeshift into a cow. That made Morrigan the power to grant sovereignty to the monarchs of the land. She was a shapeshifter which allowed her to fit into any situation She encountered.

            Being a shapeshifter Morrigan could easily reinvent Herself for any occasion. At times She was a crone who was a wise woman, the center of the family, full of compassion. In this form She embodied transformation, healing, death and endings. As the warrior She was the protector of the land, strong and fierce. The opposite side of this was that She wanted to win at all costs even abandoning her principles to do so. Morrigan was not death itself but the Keeper of the Dead. She transported souls to their next lives.

            Working with Morrigan is complicated. She is a shapeshifter so to work with her you need to be flexible and be ready to take on more than one role. The down side is that you may feel insecure and not be able to commit. The warrior aspect of Morrigan is the firm discipline of a battle-hardened soldier but that soldier must be victorious at all times, no matter the cost to self or others.

            Some scholars say that T.H. White used Morrigan and her aspects to form the character Morgan Le Fey in his book The Once and Future King. Others argue that he did not. Morgan Le Fey and Morrigan have many common personality traits. They are both sympathetic and complicit. They are both sexual beings and warriors. They are both good and bad, weak and strong.

            Morrigan is a complicated Goddess, so many aspects that are a part of her story. She is the Goddess of birth and death, water and land, warrior and lover.

Goddess Chart Morrigan

Pantheon: Celtic

Bird: Crow, Raven

Plants: mugwort, yew, honey suckle,

Moon Phase: New, waning

Color: Red and black

Gems and minerals: Red agate. Bloodstone, obsidian, onyx, ruby

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