Arianrohd, the Goddess of Transition, Reincarnation, Primal Feminine Power. Through Her power over transition and reincarnation gives Her the power over fertility and childbirth. She is known as the Silver Wheel, Silver Circle, Fruitful Mother, Star Goddess, Sky Goddess and is also considered a Moon Goddess. Arianrhod is a virgin Goddess in the old meaning and not the chaste meaning of the word. She can be vindictive and has a difficult time letting go of the past actions of others.

            Arianrhod, the Virgin Goddess, virgin meaning a woman onto herself, in no need of a man for protection or livelihood. She enjoyed sex and was quite wanton – especially loved the Mermen that visited her island. Her castle was on the revolving island of Caer Sidi. When the island sank Arianrhod and all of her household sank with the island. Being a virgin Goddess Arianrhod was brought to King Math, her uncle, to be his footrest as he was obliged to rest his feet on a virgin when not in battle.

            Gwydion, Her brother, brought her to King Math to be his footrest. King Math had a magickal staff that would prove or disprove Her virginity. As Arianrhod stepped over the staff she gave birth to Dylan. Dylan was of the sea and quickly went back to the sea. The other that was born was hidden by Gwydion. Gwydion was convinced the second child was his son and took him as raised him as such. In the Old Welsh tradition only the Mother of the child could give him a name, weapons and pick his bride.

            When Arianrhod found out about the child she forsakes him and denies him a name, weapon, and a bride. Gwydion tricked her three times to give the child a name, Llew Llaw, weapons, which she gave to a boy she didn’t know who turned out to be her son. Her curse of not giving him a bride of the races of the earth was thwarted by Gwydion and Math who created Bloduwedd from flowers and plants. With all three curses broken Arianrhod fled to her island never to leave again.

            There are other stories of Arianrhod but this is the best known story. Although it was probably written by the Christian Monks of Wales so that young women would be caste and know if they weren’t, they would spend their lifetime alone. Many of the stories of the Celtic Goddess and Gods have been lost to the rewriters of the stories who have a different outlook on what God is supposed to be.

            Working with Arianrhod can be difficult as She is one who does not suffer fools or the lazy. If you work with Her you must always be moving forward. She is the Goddess of transformation and transition and she will not allow you not to move forward. Conquering or failing a challenge does not matter it is that you have tried and will try again if you fail. She wants you to accept new challenges and make the best decisions for you. Arianrhod will help you grow and succeed if you give the work to Her and Yourself. She does not put up with laziness or I can’t statements.

            Arianrhod is a Virgin Goddess of the Moon. She goes by many names and will help in many areas. She will help you create, learn and take you to the Otherworld when it is time.

Goddess Chart

Symbols – Silver Wheel

Bird – Owl Spiders are also associated with Her as she is a weaver of Fate

Plants – Ivy  Birch

Colors – Silver, White and Green

Day – Monday

Planet – Moon

Moon Phase – full

Time – Midnight

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