Cerridwen the Celtic Goddess of transformation, rebirth and inspiration.  She is a Mother and a Crone. We don’t know Her parents or Her origin but we do know Her name comes from the Celtic word cerru which means cauldron. The cauldron of Cerridwen symbolizes transformative power, magic wisdom and creative inspiration.

            Cerridwen’s story is that of a mother who worries about her ugly child and wants to give him great intelligence to balance his ugliness. The potion she makes takes a year and a day to make and can only be used once. The boy who was in charge of continually stirring the cauldron accidently got three drops on his finger, the potion was hot, and the boy stuck his finger in his mouth to cool it. Cerridwen realized what the boy did and wanted him dead. Cerridwen, being a shape shifter turned to a greyhound, the potion gave the boy the power to shape shift as well. She chased him until he turned himself into a kernel of corn, She turned herself into a chicken and ate the boy.  The kernel lodged in her womb and she gave birth nine months later. She could not bring herself to kill the child She bore so She wrapped him a leather bag and threw him in the river. He survived and grew to be the great poet Taliesin.

            Cerridwen’s origins are unknown, lost like many other ancient Celtic Gods and Goddesses. Cerridwen’s husband is Tegid Voeland and Her three children are Creiwy, Morfan and Taliesin. Cerridwen’s strengths include Her wisdom, power and resourcefulness. Interference in Her children’s lives is a weakness all mothers have to deal with. She is also a Crone. The traits of the Crone are compassion, transformation, healing, bawdiness, death and endings. As a Shapeshifter Cerridewn has the ability to change not only her physical body bout She can easily adapt to the environment by changing Her behavior no matter what form She takes.  

            The cauldron is the center of the stories of Cerridwen. She stirs her cauldron to keep the inspiration brewing. She keeps the divine knowledge and the eternal cycle of birth, death and rebirth within her cauldron. Without Cerridwen and her cauldron the balance that is life and death would be shifted.

            Cerridwen goes by many names. She is the Dark Moon Goddess, the Great Mother, the White Lady of Inspiration and Death, Goddess of Nature and the Grain Goddess. She is also the Underworld Goddess and the Keeper of the Cauldron. If its time for change or transformation in your life call on Cerridwen as She will help you let go of the objects, people and circumstances that no longer serve you.

            Cerridwen is the Celtic Goddess of Transformation. She is an agent of change. In Her cauldron She keeps what she needs to inspire, give knowledge and wisdom to those who ask. In the Welsh and Irish cultures, She is seen as an emblem of wisdom and rebirth, a woman of great magickal power. Cerridwen’s stories are more about her children than Herself.

Goddess Chart

Pantheon – Celtic

Element – Earth

Colors – green, silver and black

Symbols – cauldron, pig, hen, grain, cave

Animal – greyhound, otter, hawk, pig, hen

Day – Monday

Planet – Moon


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